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Frequently Asked Questions

How do things go?

Twisted Path Production Process and Timeline

After receiving a spec sheet or detailed project description, we then draft an estimate of cost for services, product(s) or both, along with an approximated/expected timeline for completion and occasionally a list of things like; completed forms, files, deposits, or  additionally required information expected from the client.

If the proposal is found to be acceptable, the project will commence as scheduled.

A gentle reminder:

Please keep in mind that we are *ALL* subject to any 3rd party manufacturer or shipping companies idea of comic relief and cannot possibly be held accountable for their blunders. Please be patience if circumstances are beyond our control.

Ownership Rights

Twisted Path Art Licensing & Ownership

If graphic services are being provided, the client should expect to receive a couple of different watermarked samples from which to choose from, and a single round of edits/modifications to the selected sample will be performed.(for no additional charge) After the last round of edits, the client shall receive a watermarked copy of the final version for approval and sign-off.  

After payment, the client will then receive a clean, digital copy of their file to use and keep for their records.

We occasionally ask our client's permission to share artworks we have created for demonstration purposes.

Please Note:

A Twisted Path presumes that our client owns, holds usage rights or a license to use any files submitted to us for editing, modification or use for production.  A Twisted Path will NOT be held responsible for copyright or usage violations.

How to Earn a Tail.

Twisted Path Service Rates and Information

Things you probably shouldn't say to your Graphic Artist.

"I can do the graphics on my phone and send you the files for my flyers and business cards."

Yikes.  Please, spare us both.  

If you have used your device to put together a rough layout or have a photo you snapped of something you would like to emulate, by all means, send it on and let us help you bring your ideas to life!  

But, if you intend to have marketing materials produced with images you've assembled on a cell phone, you are not looking for the quality of anything we have to offer here. 

Thank You, please drive thru.