Numerology and Tarot
A Twisted Path
Numerology and Tarot
A twistedpath I choose to follow
There is no straight line to tomorrow
You should know
If you come to this site to have your future revealed to you, you might be at the wrong place.  The numbers can give you ideas of what tomorrow brings, but the tarot cards are meant to be a reflection of your subconcious once you shuffle.  They then guide you on what you need to correct or enhance in order to manifest your future desires on your own.  You alone are responsible for shaping your future.   Please enjoy a reading with Jesse Rose's twisting path.
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About me and Services
Numerology is a style of divination that is based on your birthday and each letter in the name given on your birth certificate.  Nicknames and married names carry some vibrations, and I am happy to provide you with those if you so desire, however the strongest vibrational quality always comes from your birth name.  Each letter has a numerical value, and I calculate to Pythagoran numerology, (a certain way of doing the numbers so they don't reduce until the end equation)  Numerology can be helpful for upcoming trends in your life, and always reveals a great deal about your personality and why you are that way.  I will look for master numbers (numbers from past lives) and maelific obligations, which are karmic debts,  and will work with you on clearing those karmic debts.  Numerology is everywhere if you think about it.  Everything is numbers, so I can even evaluate your phone number, your address, whatever number attached to you to help me better divine, that you are willing to give.
I have been doing tarot and numerology for 9 years now and love the different quests each of my clients are on.  My quest is a long one, I think I share that with many.  I grew up in Lakewood, CO and started my late teens as a singer/actress.  I did such shows as Anything Goes and worked at the Country Dinner Playhouse as a barnstormer.  The playhouse is where I met a British man who swept me away to London town, where I worked as a receptionist to a company located near London's equivalent to Wall Street.  Although my job was fun, even way back then I would try to not get caught looking up horoscopes online and getting tarot reads.  This has been my passion, and traveling.  I have experienced both France and South Africa as well.  I also worked as a bartender in Satsuma, FL.  Bartending opened the door for me reading people.
When I finally settled back down in Lakewood, I got in a ski accident that left me with a dislocated knee cap.  Something else went wrong and I ended up with a nerve disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.  It was so painful to stand and walk my life was confined to a chair.  This is where I used my time to dive in deeply to numerology first and then tarot.  I studied every waking moment to distract me from the pain.  I was driven to be in this mystical profession one day.  Slowly but surely I built this business doing fairs and reading people.  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world because I think many people are lost.  I myself don't have the power to find their way.  All I can do is act as an intermediary between the divination and the client.  I merely give you suggestions as a translator of what is already within you.  You have the keys to your own destiny, let me help you navigate your own Twisted Path.
Tarot often has misconceptions with the public as being a means to read your future.  In a way it is true, because the cards laid out genarally give you details of where you are heading.  The more accurate description of  tarot is that the cards are readers of your own subconcious.  This is why when you attend a read, the shuffling of the cards is very important. The tarot looks at the patterns you are repeating and tells you if you keep going in said direction, the result will be....x, good or bad.  If I am offering a distance read, I would ask that you think of a question you wish me to answer, and write it down in the comments section of the contact page.  This way, I can get a read on your energy without you being present.  I would also ask for a question from my face to face readings as well.  When the tarot was invented it use to be like a card game to the royalty in places like France and Italy.  Once it spread out to the masses it was over with, the gypsies were always the guardians of the tarot. 
I also read playing cards with any of my reads, another art that just gives added information.
  1. Blues and BBQ festival
    Blues and BBQ festival
    This element represents the description field.
  2. Jesse's version of...
    Jesse's version of...
    This element represents the description field.
  3. Jesse's 9 of Pentacles
    Jesse's 9 of Pentacles
    This element represents the description field.
  4. Me and my Caper
    Me and my Caper
    This element represents the description field.
  5. Sunny day
    Sunny day
    This element represents the description field.
  6. Rooted
    This element represents the description field.
  7. Sky garden
    Sky garden
    This element represents the description field.
Right now I am running a special on parties and events.  Rent out my services for $80 an hour and $65 each hour following.  My readings are popular with hair and nail salons, bacholorette parites,  private parties, and holiday parties, business or home.
For your full numerology chart, including upcoming trends pay $90.  Compatibility charts added on for $50.
Package deal numbers and tarot together, can offer amazing insight into the reading, as I have more information to divine with... $150 for 45 minute read.
**Do readings over the phone for the same price**
For a half hour tarot read, including playing cards with tarot $50, for an hour or above $1.50 a minute or $90.
Package deal tarot and numbers together are $180 for an hour read.
***ask me about my art, or lessons on zentangle**